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Welcome to JN Tyres Garage Services in Welwyn Garden City

Welcome to JN Tyres   the low cost Tyre service based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. We are part of JN Tyres Garage Services in Welwyn Garden City who have served the local area for over 50 years and have the reputation for an honest opinion, combined with quality service at a great price.

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    • Tyres - To make choosing your tyres even easier we have experts to provide tyre information,
    • Exhaust - We have experts to provide information for the best system.
    • Batteries - For a great price on Batteries fully fitted and friendly service Contact us today.
    • Auto Repairs - As an independent garage we can provide repairs, MOT’s or service.
    • MOT - Vehicles that are more than three years old are legally required to take a MOT
    • Brakes, Shocks & Clutches - Our skilled technicians can advise and carry out repairs and replacement,

    JN Tyres in Welwyn Garden City is your local independent Garage in Welwyn Garden City for tyres and Auto repairs. One of the oldest garages in Welwyn Garden City for tyres and auto repairs, service and MOT tests. Being local and well-established Covering Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas we can be trusted and our clients know we are reliable. We have served the community of Welwyn Garden City for over 50 years Call us today for all kinds of Tyres, repairs and MOTs including all your Auto Repair requirements.

    It is illegal to drive your car without an MOT. According to the police, there are over 11,000 automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras across the UK, which check over 50 million records every single day. These cameras and police out on the road can automatically see whether your car has a valid MOT. Book your car into JN Garage Services covering Herts today

    Anyone attempting to defraud the MOT isn't just committing fraud, they're also putting the public at risk by allowing what could be an unsafe car onto the road," they said. “Although most garage owners and MOT testers follow the rules, there are still those who try to cheat the system, but not JN Garage Services test centre, your local MOT garage covering Herts. We do a lot more contact us today

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    To make choosing your tyres even easier we have experts to provide tyre information, to advice you on the best tyre for the make and model of your car, combined with a great price and friendly service.

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    Excellent customer service, expertise and value for money. Showed a genuine interest in my car and managed to fix my engine missing fault easily. Carried out a full service on my Volvo estate too and I could not be happier. Thank You